The Idea behind TY River Raven Woodlands

The Idea behind TY River Raven Woodlands

The TY River Raven Woodlands was created to offer something special for those who appreciate views and privacy and the natural environment and the spacious feeling of this big state. The TY stands for Thank You as we are so grateful for this amazing place we live.  

The Lots were created in a way to protect the view shed and privacy of each lot while offering access to the private shared walking trail that goes down to the Matanuska River trail. We can all walk out our doors and share in the beauty that lies nestled in our "home" Valley. 

Your needs of everyday life are easily within reach whether you’re looking for grocery stores, boutiques, great coffee shops or other essentials, Palmer is just a few minutes away by road.  

If you are a work commuter, this is an easy jump on the road and go.  

If you want to recreate, numerous outdoor activities are at your finger tips. You’d be hard-pressed to run out of exciting things to do.  

Or you can stay home and enjoy the view, and all the sunshine that comes in the windows from your south facing bluff property.

So if you’re looking for that unique balance of the Alaska big wild everyday life, then the TY River Raven Woodlands may be the perfect location for you. 

Come and visit the property (click on Link at the top of the page "How to Access/View...") and see for yourself all that the TY River Raven Woodlands has to offer. With access to amenities and activities, this would be the perfect spot to build your dream home and enjoy the natural beauty of Alaska at its finest.